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I started writing my blog today. The beginning of the entry often worries me. I don't know what to write.

What is "engine trouble"?

What comes to your mind when you hear the words of "engine"? Runtime engine, game engine, or language implementations? V8 (JavaScript Engine), OGRE, Irrlicht, CryENGINE, polycode, Unity, cocos2d, Creation Engine, or V8 (car engine) ?

Software programmers frequently work with engines. They develop a video game with game engines or use scripting language engines. JavaScript engine is used in web browsers. There are a lot of engines available for them.

However, engines that we use don't always run easily. That is because the function of engines is to put you into trouble. It is one of engine's roles. It is a handful... but I like it.

Game programming is my hobby. I'm addicted to developing a game engine on holiday. There is usually so much going on when I develop a video game. Sometimes the code doesn't work due to errors, though sometimes it runs as intended. In the blog, I will write about such trivial things.

Thanks for reading!

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